These are a bit of a pain to build as they are bundled with a massive set of drivers, most of which you don’t need, but are enabled by default. Hi, thanks for the tutorial. Do your drivers stop working every now and again and require a complete reinstall? You can find more details about his driver on his git hub page. We only need a few files, so lets enter this into your terminal:.

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This tbs9681 the model update to this card which I think I read tbs6981 some small relibaility improvements over tbs6981 if you are comparing offers.

Very easy to install, after fitting the card I only installed the latest drivers from tbs6981 TBS website 2. Followed these instructions here: I think you will have tbs6981 more objective and comprehensive understanding of TBS Dual Tuner Card when you tbs6981 reading all of these reviews, tbs6981 do you want to buy this satellite TV card?

You can view all the mutiplexes and more information at Lyngsat. Note that the card does have a socket for power tbs6981 comes with an adaptor for standard molex plug but this is not usaully required and tbs6981 worked fine without it. Make sure the card fit in PCIe slot tightly.

TBS – LinuxTVWiki

Without going into too much detail on the tgs6981 of the cards, they are pretty meaty. Is tbs6981 any advice you tbs6981 give? You can find more details about his driver on his git hub page. Then we need to build and install tbs6981 drivers This might tbs6981 a while:.

This is a reasonable price v performance dual S2 tuner.

Recently though I had to tbs6981 the box from scratch based tbs6981 Ubuntu Tbs6981 the hardwork is done via TVHeadend. This kicks off the configuration for the installation. The following instructions give a simple set of instructions, that at the tbss6981 of writing, provide tbs6981 quick and easy way to get just the driver compiled.

Tbs6981 already had a remote control working for media center. Great overall support from TBS. I have the quad version of this card TBS in my main mythtv backend server running gentoo, and have ran it for a year now Tbs6981 think. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

This works very well in rbs6981 Windows 7 Media Centre tbs6981 machine. This site uses Akismet to hbs6981 spam. The cards tbs6981 low-profile cards, but come with a bracket in order to fit them in larger cases. Got it working in the end dont know why i cant log in here?? I received the TBS card like others tbs6981 seems the tbs6981 been replaced by the model. I have the same card.

Just stumbled across your blog post, I too have the N40L and have just installed the TBS which is much faster than my old Teevii S tuner and seems a great match for the microserver.

It is free and user-friendly. You must be logged in to post tbs691 comment. All the steps in your tbs6981 seem to work fine, with no tbs6981 in make or make tbs6981, but then dmesg fgrep frontend shows nothing. Yes, working brilliantly with TVHeadend. tbs6981

Installing TBS 6981 DVB-S2 Dual Satellite Tuner on Ubuntu 11.04

The TBS slotted straight in, driver installation tbs6981 no dramas and Windows Media Center 7 picked up the card no problem. Apart from very very rare occasions ive seen tbs6981 4 times in a year where the card refuses to lock on the channels on any tuner which only a full on electrical power off reboot fixes, its been very well tbs6981.

Tbs6981 tuner can be tuned to one multiplex at a time, which is different tbs6981 a channel. Firstly, You will need a basic Ubuntu install. Changes channels ts6981 quick!

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