If one of the memory modules is bad, the laptop with start fine when you remove it. I used this great guide for the purpose of cleaning out the cooling fans I cleaned out an astoninshing amount of dust and fur. Take a look at ebay listings. Once in windows I disabled the slot in device manager and it seemed to work OK — obviously the slot does not work. Also did the memory removal, reinsert memory mentioned. Where I can found the cable that connect the the keyboard bezel to the motherboard.

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Has anybody else experienced a similar problem? STEP 3 Unlock the connector by lifting up the top side of the connector millimeters.

Sony PCG-K33 PCG-K35 PCG-K37 PCG-K45 PCG-K47 Bottom Case 44JE5BAN XP Home Sticker

Make sure the CPU is seated correctly. Can you hear the cooling fan spinning? With somes display mode everything is working.

It is realy help full, as i was tring to open from the back, but according to this guide, now it is clear that we have to open it from front. Thanks a lot for your answer. Mario, i am assuming at this point it is the hard drive connector on the sony pcg k45 is that possible aony replace? Hello, this site was very useful in my fixing the broken power supply jack for my PCG-K45 Vaio, only I improvised a little and took liberty to install a flexible hard wired jack ,45 the existing jack hole after I pulled it out with Pliers, took the old harness out an sony pcg k45 the new one in, worked like sony pcg k45 champ!!!!

Any ideas what could be the reason? It feels pretty solidly attached. I had to get a new cpu, because somehow, I accidentally broke off one of sony pcg k45 pins on my cpu when I got distracted. Clean old thermal grease from the CPU and apply new grease. Have not seen this in other laptops so was not sure Windows Mem management was to blame.

Just replaced my screen. If your laptop overheats, try cleaning the cooling module fan and heat sink with compressed air. Will be accepted from the mobo this changement?

How can i solve this? Did you remove the CPU from the socket during the disassembly process? Undocked Zony from heat sony pcg k45, cleaned fans and reassembled everything again again thanks to all above posts. Make sure the hard drive properly connected to the motherboard.

How to disassemble Sony Vaio PCG-K

I want the take this time to thank the folks for keeping this information available. I sony pcg k45 now replaced it and the computer starts up and works fine except for the video. If still no light, apparently sony pcg k45 have a bad wireless card. The Travelstar 5K drive seems to meet the requirments of the K37 below. Overtime the thermal grease might turn into a very strong glue.

It will power up and stay on if it is on the BIOS screen. Just completed the same repair myself. Laptops are sony pcg k45 expensive to work on anyway. Safe mode, as well as other modes, will not fix problem.

I tried another power source charger. Replaced keyboard and everything works perfectly. In order to make sure it was a faulty keyboard, I removed the keyboard and used air to clean the sony pcg k45.


Did you separate the heat sink from the CPU during the laptop disassembly? Anyway thanks to this guide and the comments below i had the courage to use some force to remove the heatsink after removing the screws, cleaned out sony pcg k45 the dust and will apply new thermal paste to the overheating cpu. I have a Sony AR21S running watching tele on it sony pcg k45, a fizz like a fuse popping and dead.

I am optimistic that you might be able to help me.

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