The Fujifilm X-T is the company’s least expensive X-series camera to include an electronic viewfinder. We got disappointingly soft results when shooting close-ups in Macro mode, but otherwise the lens was pretty good for a kit lens. Visit manufacturer site for details. On a more positive note, having the AF system is better than not being able to auto-focus at all, as with most current DSLR cameras that offer video recording. What’s the best camera for shooting landscapes? Jul 25, Latest Reviews Popular Reviews.

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Submit a News Tip! The NX also has a special i-Scene lens priority mode, which automatically selects scene options that are optimized for the lens currently being used. Recent advances samsung nx100 sensor technology have made ISO 1, look samsung nx100 samsunh more like ISObut there are still cameras whose quality starts to fall apart at this setting.

The main menu system on the NX is very straight-forward to use.

Samsung NX100 Brief Hands-on Preview

It took a little more work to reach this conclusion, given the very soft images we saw onscreen, but following our usual procedures revealed a camera with hidden qualities that cannot be denied.

To make matters worse there are no noise reduction adjustments offered, except at ISO 3, and above, where On and Off are samsung nx100 only samsung nx100.

When pulled back to 20mm on the kit lens–which converts to 31mm because of the approximately 1. Experienced photographers will now be tutting loudly at the thought of having to use a traditionally slower system, but thankfully this decision hasn’t resulted in a slow samsung nx100 unpredictable AF – quite the contrary in fact.

Fujifilm samsung nx100 long with Fujinon XF mm F2 lens and nxx100 kit. Details are light at this point, with the only product mentioned being an F-mount adapter.

Create a free account to like this page. This means that it’s not necessary for the user to manually delve into scene modes to call up the likes of ‘landscape’ or ‘flower’, making the NX’s operation merely a samsung nx100 of point and shoot. I samsung nx100 enjoyed the Smart Auto function that lets the Samsung NX automatically pick a setting based on the type of scene it detects.

Cycle times, however, were a bit slow. Find out in our full review. Incandescent Samsung nx100 Balance seemed about right while Manual was slightly blue.

Samsung NX100 : Tests and Reviews

This weather-sealed lens – ‘matte silver’ in color with a bold samsjng hood – has a total samsung nx100 19 elements, a nine-blade aperture and samsung nx100 stops of shake reduction according to Fujifilm. Since the NX doesn’t feature in-body anti-shake technology, defence against wobbly hands samsung nx100 via lens-shift image stabilisation only.

Like most cameras with this type of “smart” or “intelligent” mode, results weren’t always accurate samsung nx100 sometimes it would choose landscape for a close-up — but it was on target about 60 percent of the time. However, a long-form, extensively researched special report in the Columbia Journalism Review about sexual harassment is still a samsung nx100, eye-opening read.

While image quality in good light is among the best we’ve seen in a camera in this class, the NX is not the most versatile performer, stumbling in dim conditions at high ISOs.

Samsung NX Mirrorless Digital Camera W/mm EV-NXZBABUS

You can call up the various filters samwung fixes by hitting the Function Fn button on the back of the camera while in Playback mode, which then presents a menu of samsung nx100 at the bottom of the screen. At first it was hard to know what to make of the Samsung NX digital camera. Nevertheless, samsung nx100 results samsung nx100 these disappointingly soft JPEGs are reasonably good, so most users will be happy with the output.

The Samsung NX’s slippery body is offset by the i-Function button on the mm lens. Fujifilm adds 33mm F1. The kit lens was about on par with what you’d get with a digital SLR, a little better than most nx00 this price samsung nx100. Samsung NX Preview Samples.

Samsung NX Brief Hands-on Preview: Digital Photography Review

Fujifilm has announced the XF10, a premium compact camera with a fast 28mm equivalent F2. Announced Sep 14, The Samsung NX’s p HD video mode can produce crisp clips even of fast moving action such as this group of performers.

Despite this low cost, first impressions of the NX are positive, with the usual high build quality that we’ve come to expect from recent Samsung cameras – there really are samsung nx100 compromises here. The contest began on July 12 and will run for samsung nx100 weeks. Now its sister model, the NX takes samsung nx100 slightly different approach – it eschews the traditional styling of the NX10 and instead embraces the simpler silhouette of a samsung nx100 camera.

We’ve been shooting with Leica’s latest short telephoto prime for a little while, and we’ve put together a gallery of real-world samples.

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