Then this month I noticed a review of the RigExpert product line in The Canadian Amateur radio magazine and my interest was perked. I guess it comes now with newer installation CD, at least the prosedure of 2 VCP drivers installation was a matter of few mouse clicks. Clock OK to continue. Product is in production. RTTY was great — had it working in a few minutes. All of this is not needed anymore.

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It is necessary to unplug the device during the uninstallation procedure. Two separate serial ports within the USB cable are rigexpert tiny rrigexpert of the many unique features of the RigExpert Tiny interface. Reviews Summary for RigExpert Tiny.

I made my first psk contact within a hr of getting it. Its just so stupid easy Rigexpert tiny the RigExpert Tiny is connected rigexpert tiny the computer and the drivers are installed, two serial ports of your choosing i. Blinks when transceiver replies a CAT command. No additional interface circuit needed for transceiver connection.

I am using my RigExpert Tiny in a mobile installation with a laptop. Rapid check-out of an antenna Rigexperf an antenna to resonance Comparing characteristics of an antenna before and after specific event rain, hurricane, etc.

I could not be rigexpert tiny.

Discontinued products

The “heart” of this unique interface is rigexpeert dual-port USB converter chip. There are NO jumpers to jump or set Transistor stage with additional protection.

I guess it comes now with newer installation CD, at least the rigexpert tiny of 2 VCP drivers installation was a tiby of few mouse clicks. The simultaneous use of two separate programs is an important asset to you as seen in the illustration to the right.

There are few settings that have to be done rigexpert tiny verified in the software once the Rigexpert tiny RigExpert Tiny device is plugged in see Interface models and the drivers are installed. Transformer coupled audio input and output to minimize interference.

RigExpert AA, AA and AA are powerful antenna rugexpert designed for testing, checking, tuning or repairing antennas and antenna feedlines.

MixW RigExpert Tiny CAT+PTT/CW

Audio interface enables operating digital modes, recording and playing voice, as well as other useful functions such as measuring levels of a rigexpert tiny from the air by using a computer. RigExpert Tiny is a simple Soundcard-to-Radio interface. Add to wishlist Add to basket Rigexpert tiny Of Stock. I was up and running in rigexpeet matter of mins with HRD.

miniVNA Tiny – a few experiments

The FSK baudrate and polarity are fixed and may be reconfigured by jumpers. Unit installation of the RigExpert Tiny was simple as plugging in the cables rigexpert tiny were all clearly identified.

Easy-to use measurement modes, as well rigexpert tiny rigepxert features such as connection to a personal computer to plot Smith diagrams, etc. RigExpert TI-5 is an electronic device designed to operate phone, CW, and digital modes using personal computer and transceiver. All of this is not needed anymore. I purchased this unit rigexpert tiny see what all the talk of the new Digital modes was all about.

RigExpert Tiny: Models

Transmit did not work on first attempt no power out so I displayed input and output volume controls, unmuted one of them that was rigexpert tiny by default, then lowered the input level so that the ALC level rigexpert tiny correct for my rig, and it worked great.

RigExpert WTI-1 is a revolutionary new device to interface your transceiver to your computer wirelessly. Now browse for the drivers directory. Five LED’s on the top panel display the device status, helping set up the computer software rigexpert tiny monitor functions during on-air operation.

I am only using the CI-V portion of the new to me Tiny interface. I use this for portable work now.

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