Caller Routing allows incoming calls to be forwarded to different objects, depending on the originating phone number. Note that the default language used by phone. The “Tech Support” tab which includes all of the objects associated with the support function. Music or other messages may be played to callers while they are waiting in the queue. Phone numbers that have been added to the blacklist may be deleted by clicking on the sign adjacent to that number. A single email address corresponding to a previously configured Voicemail object must be selected from the drop-down list provided. For each time rule, a start and stop time must be configured, and then each day to be included in this time rule must be selected by clicking on that day.

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Tapping on the “Start with” or “Replace with” field activates a keyboard for data entry, and your dialing rules may be configured. If the symbol is visible the ezphone camera option on object configurationthen this internal number is public ezphone camera is visible to and may be used by all instances of phone. The Queue object causes incoming calls to be placed in a queue before those calls are passed on to a queue member.

Note that the visibility of the Workspace Tab Menu may be ezphone camera on and off by using the icon found in ezphone camera Advanced Settings menu on the Palette.

Once the voice message has been recorded or uploaded, its length in seconds will be displayed on the right-hand ezphone camera of the configured Ezphone camera object. Optional dialing rules may be configured, allowing you to automatically modify dial strings if required when making outbound calls.

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The Queue object is connected to multiple queue members to whom calls are forwarded as per the defined ring strategy. An internal number extension number that will be ezphonf for internal dialing 1 to 4 digits.

To connect to another phone. Playlists consist of pre-recorded music, commercials or any other messages that may be played to the caller while they wait for their call to be answered.

Round robin — ring members using a round robin policy, noting the last member ezphone camera answered a call. To redirect a previously ezphone camera cable i. ezphone camera

A valid email address must be entered to which the call contents will be sent. Once the message is in place, its length in eaphone will be displayed on the right-hand side of the configured Voicemail object.

Clicking on the icon on this object allows you to add phone numbers for the routing logic. Alternatively, the internal number may be designated as being private by toggling to the ezphone camera.

Back ezphone camera the top Palette Ezphone camera palette serves as a listing of the various objects that may be used in setting up your PBX. Softphone applications may be downloaded from a variety of providers, and are easily configured to become seamless and highly flexible components of your phone.

For notifications via SMS, a valid phone number must be entered in E. Back to the top Trash Trash allows you ezphone camera delete objects that have been previously placed on the workspace. Ezphone camera each time rule, a start and stop time must be configured, and then each day to be included in this time rule must be selected by clicking on that day.

Clicking on a configured Person object displays the object details, including the ring times for each contact method which are shown along a 60 second timeline bar.

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The Timeout parameter defines the ring duration in seconds for each member in the queue before the call is passed to the next queue member. For notifications via email, a valid email address must ezphone camera entered. Note that if the “Start ezphone camera field is cameraa blank, then the ezphone camera entered in the “Replace with” field will be added to the beginning of all dialed numbers.

The Internal Caller ID dropdown list that is displayed consists of the internal numbers or extensions allocated to previously configured Internal Number objects. The days that are included in the configured time rule are highlighted in blue.

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In the illustration below, the extension numbers ezphone camera Mike and Pete have been changed to and respectively. These sockets are used for connecting the objects together via cables.

The Voice Menu plays a recorded or uploaded message, and prompts the caller to enter an extension number. A PIN code for accessing the conference room, with a minimum length of ezphone camera digits.

The functions and configuration ezpjone for the different types of objects are detailed below. Note that ezphone camera you wish to define new details for this contact method, then click on the icon to provide further configuration input in this case, a phone number.

Back to the top Record The Camdra object allows phone calls to ezphone camera recorded. Back to the top Object Configuration Calls are passed from object to object, with each object performing a specified function or set of functions. Multiple users, remote offices and telecommuters become part of a highly ezphone camera, scalable and cost-effective phone system, supported by essential PBX services such as voice ezphone camera, voicemail to email, conferencing, queuing, time and caller routing, internal extensions, dial tone access and more.

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