Run a free scan for Windows errors. This information is then passed to the Chip Doctor and if a problem occurs Chip Doctor will notify the user as well as shut down the computer in extreme cases. Click here to see the full review. It is not until an error has occurred do you see any type of box. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. Before launching the installation procedure however, one needs to ensure that the Elsa Erazor X graphics card is firmly inserted in the on the AGP slot. Chip temperature is also monitored via a temperature sensor.

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More to this, the card is also capable of multi-texturing, procedural texturing, bump mapping, MIP mapping and shadow texturing.


The ChipGuard is a nifty utility that does two things: On switching on the machine, the system will automatically detect a new hardware and hence launch the driver erzor process.

The lackluster overclockability and high core temperature both contribute to the cards down fall, however. NLX is a relatively new case standard seen to the leftset into motion in by Intel, that minimizes the amount of space that the case takes elsa erazor x, creating, in essence, a tiny, cute computer.

The card its self contains many of the components that we see elsa erazor x the SDR GeForces coming into the lab.

ELSA ERAZOR X – Device Driver Download

The ChipDoctor utility is cool s additional utilities could make it even cooler. Monitor and Video Cards Manufacturer: ELSA elsa erazor x to use 5.

The only sign and use of the ChipDoctor running under normal conditions is a small green icon on the taskbar.

One can also download the same from the Elsa official website as stated in the description section above. ELSA has been known as a company that stands behind its products and is willing to go the extra mile for quality sake. Separate engines for transformation, lighting, setup and delivers egazor million triangles per second.

No amount of clicking or searching eraxor allow the user to see just how hot the chip is running or how much power the fan is using. Before launching the installation procedure however, one needs to ensure that the Elsa Erazor X graphics card is firmly inserted in the on the AGP elsa erazor x.

The Outcome Elsa erazor x Contenders: Keep in mind, however, that you can expect high quality performance and manufacturing with the ERAZOR X 2traits often neglected by other producers. The elsa erazor x for the Elsa Erazor X usually come pre-packaged in the manufacturer’s package.

It accomplishes this by utilizing two elsa erazor x commonly used to shrink computer size: These threshold values elsa erazor x very high, thus this safety feature of the card will only be activated if the card is about erzaor to become toast. To check your drivers you should either: The Elsa Erazor X is video graphic card, which has improved the three dimensional gaming environmental.

NVIDIA GeForce SDR Roundup (February 00)

Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. Unless you update your drivers regularly you may face hardware frazor issues. elsa erazor x

Manually verify every device on your system for driver updates B. One thing that sets the design of the ELSA card apart from some of the other manufacturer is the use of a comparatively larger heat sink. Log in Don’t have an account? The tasbar resident driver utility can be annoying elsa erazor x times, as the most used features are found almost 3 levels deep. An included overclocking screen allows for changes to be made to the core and memory speeds with relative ease. In fact, elsa erazor x increased open space created by using an NLX form factor card actually provides an advantage over normal AGP cards because the free space, in theory, results in increased case air flow and also a nice place elsa erazor x run cables, if necessary.

Sign up now Username Password Elsa erazor x Me. If ChipGuard detects an error in either of these two sensors, a warning screen will pop up, notifying the user of the problem.

Hardware transformation and lighting.

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